Media X is an undergraduate program in expressive media design, development, distribution, and analysis.  Utilizing evolving technologies for the 21st century, Media X is positioned at the crossroads between the creative and the technical, the social and commercial, bringing together affiliated faculty with expertise in art and graphic design, business, communication, computer science, literature, music, theater, film, and digital media.  Media X is an ideal program for students who want to pursue careers in modern creative and performance industries that are increasingly dominated by digital technology.

The program builds on the University of the Pacific’s foundation as a liberal arts college, providing students with much more than a narrow technical education in digital media tools. Media X students achieve fluency in a variety of media platforms, including social media, film and video production, transmedia storytelling, live performance, graphic design, marketing, and coding as well as website, app, and game design. Preparing students for a dynamic workplace, the program combines the traditional strengths of the creative process, interdisciplinarity, and critical analysis with an emphasis on the real world applications of traditional, digital, and emerging

media technologies.  Working in small classes with dedicated faculty, students also acquire a nuanced awareness of the economic, political, and cultural hierarchies that influence global artistic production and media practices.  The program emphasizes internships, practicums, and experiential learning opportunities to help students transition strategically from college to careers.