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Production, Performance, and Design

The Maker pathway is for students seeking to design, create, produce and perform content across multiple platforms—ranging from digital and emerging media to the original platform—the stage. This pathway is about much more than the finished product, stressing the importance of all facets of production. Students have the opportunity to learn both what goes on behind the scenes as well as how to create performances in front of the cameras and microphones, enabling them to become well-rounded producers, directors, performers, and designers. They will learn the arts of filmmaking, animation, directing, acting, designing, gaming, and so much more.  This pathway aims to graduate artist-entrepreneurs who understand the needs of the entire production community in one of the fastest growing job markets in the world.

Major Requirements
Candidates for the B.A. in Media X must complete a minimum of 40 semester units, including two 4-unit core courses, one 4-unit capstone seminar, at least one production course, a practicum or internship, and a selection of electives.

3 Core Courses: 12 units

MEDX011    Critical Media Making (4 units)
MEDX013    Media Literacies(4 units)
MEDX 109    Capstone (4 units) Experiential Learning (2-4 units)
MEDX 187    Practicum (repeatable)
MEDX 189    Internship
MEDX 197    Undergraduate Research
Production Requirement: all Media X majors must complete at least one production-based course (4 units)

ENGL 117    Film Production
THEA 89G    Live Performance Production
THEA 075    Movement and Voice
ARTS 103    Graphic Production
COMM 131    Media Production
COMM 134    Documentary Film Production
MMGT 120   Music Management: Media Production (Prereq: MMGT 106)

Maker: Production, Performance, Design
Candidates for the BA in Media X select one of three curricular paths to pursue or choose to self-design their major (12-16 Units) 
ARTH 101    Design Thinking
ARTS 095    Video I
ARTS 105    Web Design
ARTS 107    Video II
ARTS 115    Animation
ARTS 193A    3d modeling with MAYA
COMM 132    Writing for Media
COMP 051    Introduction to Computer Science
COMP 253     Virtual Reality
ENGL 106    Content Engineering
ENGL 115    Screenwriting
ENGL 117    Film Production
ENGL 193    Advanced Film Production
MCOM 019    Music and Computers
MCOM 111    Advanced Computer Music (Prereq: MCOM 019)
MEDX 115    Live and Mediated Performance
MEDX 151*    Multi-Platform Directing and Producing (*in development)
MMGT 005    Introduction to Music Industry Technology
MMGT 106    Sound Recording Fundamentals
MMGT 121    Media Promotion
MMGT 130    Pop Songwriting
THEA 137    Lighting
THEA 071    Beginning Acting
THEA 112    Playwriting
THEA 175    Acting for the Camera
THEA 173A    Advanced Acting Techniques
THEA 173B    Advanced Acting Techniques
THEA 037A    Costume Design

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