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Creative Entrepreneurship, Persuasive Communication, and Social Media Management

The Manager pathway examines the intersection between business, creativity, and technology and provides the tools for entrepreneurs to explore methods to build, showcase, and grow by taking advantage of the opportunities that both new media and social media bring to the business world. A focus on creative entrepreneurship enables students to navigate the complex dynamics of a global business culture that is being rapidly transformed by developments in technology and emerging cultural geographies.  Courses in management, marketing, consumer behavior, business communications, social media, and analytics prompt students to explore the applications of digital media across industries as well as cultivate the skills necessary to address both the challenges and opportunities associated with evolving technology and media landscapes. 

Major Requirements
Candidates for the B.A. in Media X must complete a minimum of 40 semester units, including two 4-unit core courses, one 4-unit capstone seminar, at least one production course, a practicum or internship, and a selection of electives.

3 Core Courses: 12 units

MEDX011    Critical Media Making (4 units)
MEDX013    Media Literacies(4 units)
MEDX 109    Capstone (4 units) Experiential Learning (2-4 units)
MEDX 187    Practicum (repeatable)
MEDX 189    Internship
MEDX 197    Undergraduate Research

Production Requirement: all Media X majors must complete at least one production-based course (4 units)

ENGL 117   Film Production
THEA 89G    Live Performance Production
THEA 075    Movement and Voice
ARTS 103    Graphic Production
COMM 131   Media Production
COMM 134    Documentary Film Production
MMGT 120   Music Management: Media Production (Prereq: MMGT 106)

Manager: Creative Entrepreneurship, Persuasive Communication, and Social Media Management
Candidates for the BA in Media X select one of three curricular paths to pursue or choose to self-design their major (12-16 Units) 

BUSI 53    Legal and Ethical Environment in Business
BUSI 90    Entrepreneurship
BUSI 107   Marketing Management (Prereq: ECON 53 Microeconomics)
BUSI 148   Promotions Management (Prereq: BUSI 107)
BUSI 153    Entertainment Law (Prereq: BUSI 53)
BUSI 193B   Business of Film, Entertainment, and Media
COMM 135   Principles of Public Relations
COMM 137   Public Relations and Case Studies
ECON 53    Microeconomics
ENGL 109    Professional Writing
MEDX 151*    Multi-Platform Directing and Producing (*in development)
MMGT 011    Music and Entertainment in U.S. Society
MMGT 21A    Follow the Money I (Prereq: MMGT 011
MMGT 21B    Follow the Money II (Prereq: MMGT 21A
MMGT 81A    Running an Independent Record Label, I
MMGT 81B    Running an Independent Record Label, II
MMGT 106    Sound Recording Fundamentals
MMGT 120   Music Management: Media Production (Prereq: MMGT 106)
MMGT 121   Media Promotion

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